Frequently Asked Questions
Would a Top Notch Candy Boxx subscription be good for a gift?

    YES!, Whether you buy a Subscription Plan or a Monthly Boxx it's a Sweet gift for:
Family, Friends, Employee of the month, College Students, Sweet 16 Celebration, Church Fundraisers, Significant Others, All Holidays etc.

Are any of your candies gluten free?

    Many of the candies included in our Monthly Boxx are Gluten Free. Please see our Candy Boxx content card for the details on the specific boxx you receive.

Do you offer a sugar free candy box? 

Will I receive chocolate in my box?

        It's a Mystery.  The policy of Top Notch Candy Boxx is to ship certain candies during cold season only. This helps us maintain our delicious quality.

Are your colorful containers reusable?

    Yes, they could be used for craft/ jewelry supplies, refilled with candy, used as a vase, office supplies, kids toys, powder room supplies, garage, man/cave items, etc.

Can the delivery address be changed on my subscription? 

    Yes, we understand that circumstances may change and we would be happy to change the address for your remaining subscription months. Please contact us as soon as poosible so it can be done in time for your lucky recipient!
All of our Colorful Jeweled Candy Containers, are FDA approved, BPA free, and reusable.

Our Sweet Looking Groovy Grape Colored Boxx can also be used/recycled for Christmas ornaments, or any other keepsake, easy to spot in your storage.

Information on nutrition and calories, available if needed.