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     You are responsible for the accuracy of all information you provide that is necessary for us to process your order and/or ship your order to the correct location. If an order has not been shipped, or shipped to an incorrect location due to such inaccuracy, you alone are responsible.
     If you have any problems or concerns regarding Top Notch Candy Boxx's products, you can reach us via the customer service contact information supplied on this website.
     Dates for delivery are estimates only and are not guaranteed. They are also subject to any matter beyond our reasonable control.
     If a delivery requires a signature to confirm receipt, it is your responsibility to ensure that there is someone at the delivery address to sign for the products when delivered. It is also your responsibility to collect the products from any postal collection site and/or arrange an alternative delivery date if you are not available to sign for the products.
   The products cannot be resold.
   The availability of this website may be outside our control and in the hands of third party providers. We cannot guarantee the level of availability of this site for your orders or other use.
     If the products are not delivered,or are damaged in transit, you must take this up with the carrier. We will provide you with their contact details upon request.
    We do not accept your order until we receive notice from our credit card merchant that your payment has been authorized.
Ordering Policies, Procedures
We are confident that you will be satisfied with the products you have ordered. As a result, if you  need to cancel or are dissatisfied, you must inform us, so that we can cancel the remaining shipments of your subscription.

In order to qualify for a cancellation and refund of paid subscription, you must provide us all the information we ask for, and comply with all other terms specified on this website for such purpose.

Please contact our customer service department at 877-255-7845 or use our simple request form.

Please send us your cancellation email one week before your next subscription Candy Boxx is shipped. If we DO NOT receive your cancellation email in this time frame, the next boxx will ship and your request for cancellation will not happen until the following month.
Seasonal Temperatures
All Candies that are heat sensitive will only be shipped during the cold season.
Container Information
All of our Colorful Jeweled Candy Containers, are FDA approved, BPA free, and reusable
Not for use in Microwaves, Oven Use,  Freezer, or Dishwasher.
Also be advised, containers are fragile, and will crack if dropped. 
Our Sweet Looking Groovy Grape Colored Boxx can also be used/recycled for Christmas ornaments storage or any other keepsake, easy to spot in your storage.
6 and 12 Month Subscription Plans - are discounted and paid in full for the length of the plan.  See Our Refund Policy section for cancellation and /or refunds.
Refunds Policy
Procedures - Our Buy Now buttons allow you to pay for your order in a private secure way using Paypal.
You do not need to have a Paypal account. You have the advantage of using any type of credit card and only Paypal has your personal credit card information.

When you click the Buy Now button, you are in the secure area of paypal with your order pricing  information and requested to enter your delivery and billing information. Paypal will extend its offer for you to create an account, but this is optional and you can click "No Thanks" and continue with your payment.
A successful payment will result in your order confirmation displayed and a link to return to our Top Notch Candy Boxx Thank You page. An email will be sent to the email address you submitted so you have a receipt with all your order information.
You will be sent an email when your delicious candy boxx will be SHIPPED to you (or the delivery address of your order) by USPS Priority Mail. When you place your order, your first shipment will be done at that time. Subsequent shipments will follow each month shipped on Monday or Tuesday of the second week of the month.
Our customers prefer to get their Mystery Boxx close to the weekend, so this allows sufficient weekdays of transit for delivery.
We think you will love our Candy Boxx so much, you will want to Renew!! 
We are happy to change the delivery address of your monthly shipments if you find it necessary for your circumstances.